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Administrative & support service SIC codes


It’s important to identify your target audience when you’re marketing your businesses service or products. We’ve put together the complete list of Administrative & support service industry SIC codes. When you request your data we’re happy to accept these codes or descriptions of the industry sector.

Administrative & support service 2007 SIC Codes

77110 Renting and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles
77120 Renting and leasing of trucks and other heavy vehicles
77210 Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods
77220 Renting of video tapes and disks
77291 Renting and leasing of media entertainment equipment
77299 Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods
77310 Renting and leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment
77320 Renting and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
77330 Renting and leasing of office machinery and equipment (including computers)
77341 Renting and leasing of passenger water transport equipment
77342 Renting and leasing of freight water transport equipment
77351 Renting and leasing of air passenger transport equipment
77352 Renting and leasing of freight air transport equipment
77390 Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods n.e.c.
77400 Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyright works
78101 Motion picture, television and other theatrical casting activities
78109 Other activities of employment placement agencies
78200 Temporary employment agency activities
78300 Human resources provision and management of human resources functions
79110 Travel agency activities
79120 Tour operator activities
79901 Activities of tourist guides
79909 Other reservation service activities n.e.c.
80100 Private security activities
80200 Security systems service activities
80300 Investigation activities
81100 Combined facilities support activities
81210 General cleaning of buildings
81221 Window cleaning services
81222 Specialised cleaning services
81223 Furnace and chimney cleaning services
81229 Other building and industrial cleaning activities
81291 Disinfecting and exterminating services
81299 Other cleaning services
81300 Landscape service activities
82110 Combined office administrative service activities
82190 Photocopying, document preparation and other specialised office support activities
82200 Activities of call centres
82301 Activities of exhibition and fair organisers
82302 Activities of conference organisers
82911 Activities of collection agencies
82912 Activities of credit bureaus
82920 Packaging activities
82990 Other business support service activities n.e.c.


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