Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Companies Business SIC codes


It’s important to identify your target audience when you’re marketing your businesses service or products. We’ve put together the complete list of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing industry SIC codes. When you request your data we’re happy to accept these codes or descriptions of the industry sector.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing SIC Codes

01110 Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
01120 Growing of rice
01130 Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
01140 Growing of sugar cane
01150 Growing of tobacco
01160 Growing of fibre crops
01190 Growing of other non-perennial crops
01210 Growing of grapes
01220 Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits
01230 Growing of citrus fruits
01240 Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits
01250 Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts
01260 Growing of oleaginous fruits
01270 Growing of beverage crops
01280 Growing of spices, aromatic, drug and pharmaceutical crops
01290 Growing of other perennial crops
01300 Plant propagation
01410 Raising of dairy cattle
01420 Raising of other cattle and buffaloes
01430 Raising of horses and other equines
01440 Raising of camels and camelids
01450 Raising of sheep and goats
01460 Raising of swine/pigs
01470 Raising of poultry
01490 Raising of other animals
01500 Mixed farming
01610 Support activities for crop production
01621 Farm animal boarding and care
01629 Support activities for animal production (other than farm animal boarding and care) n.e.c.
01630 Post-harvest crop activities
01640 Seed processing for propagation
01700 Hunting, trapping and related service activities
02100 Silviculture and other forestry activities
02200 Logging
02300 Gathering of wild growing non-wood products
02400 Support services to forestry
03110 Marine fishing
03120 Freshwater fishing
03210 Marine aquaculture
03220 Freshwater aquaculture

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