Private SMTP Email Server


Add deliverability to your marketing campaign with a Private SMTP Email Server with full access for 90 days or 100,000 email sends.

Campaign Efficiency Requires Deliverability

The benefits achieved using a dedicated SMTP server should not be underestimated when setting up your marketing campaign. Deliverability of emails as well as the correct authentication of the sender can add efficiency of each email campaign and therefore create the higher ROI.
We have introduced a new enabling feature to accompany your B2B email lists, a dedicated Private SMTP Server with the capability of delivering 100,000 emails. By adding this service to your order, you’ll receive full access for 90 days or 100,000 email sends. Remember MailChimp and similar services do not allow the use of purchased email lists.

Benefits of a private email server

– Exceptional Inboxing Rates
– Track Open Rates
– Track Hard & Soft Bounce
– Track Click Through Rates
– Setup Trigger Campaigns
– A/B Testing (Split Campaign Testing)


Confirmed Integrity


SMTP servers rely on the sustainable deliverability of emails. To provide all sent emails with an ability to reach the recipients’ inboxes, a distinct strategy is required which includes several dedicated skills. At its core, all the technologies are aimed at vouching for the sender’s reputation. In fact, just a proper authenticity verification allows the mass emails to pass unhindered through spam filters appearing in the subscribers’ mailboxes.

Once both the email providers and the end recipients appreciate the trustworthy senders, such methods of proving the sender’s integrity as spotless IP addresses, DKIM and SPF cryptographic signatures, and SSL connection all are included in the deliverability strategy of this SMTP service.


Statistics promote Motivation


Motivation is key, the fact that you’re looking to acquire a B2B email list shows you have the motivation to generate a productive customer base. The statistics offered through the email servers advanced analytics for open rates and click through rates for each of your campaigns will generate further motivation to understand what message works.
Although a 100% open rate is just a dream and any marketing technique is not able to guarantee that all emails reach their recipients, the statistics showing what happens with emails is crucially important for your motivational needs to discover the perfect message.