Entire Information & Communication Business Database


B2B email mailing address list of 12,000 Information Communication Businesses with a company name/website address and UK location.

Company Email Mailing List

If your email marketing campaign is in need of large email address list for Information and Communication Businesses, then our entire information and communication email database would be a perfect solution. This email list contains 12,000 addresses from all individual directories. This bulk email purchase offers great savings.

Entire Information Communication contact business email directory:

This directory is a combination of the following email lists:
Detailed Information Communication
Advertising Marketing
Computer Goods Services
Film Tv Services
Graphic Website Design
Printers Printing Services
Book Newspaper Publishing
Photographic Services
Public Relation Services
Direct Marketing
Telecommunication Services
Internet Services

Staying Compliant with GDPR

‘GDPR regulations’ these addresses are sold for either bulk or individual delivery, prior to being verified as a company with likely interest. We deliver the company name/website address, GDPR compliant email address and UK location. It is still your responsibility to ensure that the service or product you provide would be of possible interest to the company and not an individual. It is also suggested that your initial introduction should only be to ascertain if the suggested product or service be of interest and include an option to be removed from any future correspondence. It is recommended that initial emails should not be sales focused. Read more

Verified & Accepting

As with all our directories, each email address will have been verified prior to delivery within the previous 30 days to ensure it’s still open to accepting mail. We can’t and for that matter, no other business can guarantee a 100% acceptance rate, as there are so many factors to be taken into consideration. Read More.

Include a Dedicated SMPT Email Server

We have introduced a new enabling feature to accompany your B2B email lists, a dedicated Private SMTP Server with the capability of delivering 100,000 emails. By adding this service to your order, you’ll receive full access for 90 days or 100,000 email sends.
Read more regarding the valuable SMTP server that protects your company IP address and alleviates the necessity of using services such as MailChimp and other restrictive service providers.
Remember MailChimp and similar services do not allow the use of purchased email lists.

Buy Now No Credit Card Required

We offer two convenient ways in which UK customers can pay for their B2B email list; the first being GoCardless, a single non-recurring direct debit payment, secondly for registered accounts, we offer invoice followed by bank-transfer.
Setting up an account is quite straightforward, select BACs as your payment method, supply us with your company purchase order and business email address, we’ll then verify your business and deliver the data with an accompanying invoice that can be settled 5 days following delivery of the data.
Non-UK customers should request their B2B Email order here.

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