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B2B Email address list of 15,000 Real Estate contacts, their Business name, address, postal code, telephone number, contact name, email address, website, estimated turnover, and employee count from the premium directory, and email address domain and location from the standard directories.

This business email mailing directory is entire part of our “Real Estate” database of British businesses. See Below for a full description


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As with all our directories, each email address will be verified prior to delivery to ensure it’s still open for mail contact. We can’t and for that matter no other business can guarantee a 100% acceptance rate, as there are so many factors to be taken into consideration, but with our rigorous approach the acceptance rates are much higher. Please remember that this does take a little time, so please be patient with our verifiers, it could take about 24 hours for these very large orders. Within this comprehensive database you will also receive the premium Real Estate Industry directory with detailed contact data for each entry.

Company Name Contact Name Employee Count
Company Address Position in Company Estimated Turnover
Postal Code Telephone Number Website Address
Email Address Industry Sector

As a small example , the following businesses are contained, with many more besides:

Estate Agents & Property Buyers Letting Agents Commercial Property Management Lodging

Also included are the following standard content directories:

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