Entertainment Companies Business SIC codes


It’s important to identify your target audience when you’re marketing your businesses service or products. We’ve put together the complete list of Arts, entertainment & recreation industry SIC codes. When you request your data we’re happy to accept these codes or descriptions of the industry sector.

Arts, entertainment & recreation SIC Codes

90010 Performing arts
90020 Support activities to performing arts
90030 Artistic creation
90040 Operation of arts facilities
91011 Library activities
91012 Archives activities
91020 Museums activities
91030 Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions
91040 Botanical and zoological gardens and nature
reserves activities
92000 Gambling and betting activities
93110 Operation of sports facilities
93120 Activities of sport clubs
93130 Fitness facilities
93191 Activities of racehorse owners
93199 Other sports activities
93210 Activities of amusement parks and theme parks
93290 Other amusement & recreation activities n.e.c.

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