Data that’s salad fresh

fresh directory data

Data that’s salad fresh

Clean directories

The shelf life of data can only be described using one word “short”, business in the UK is brisk, and with that comes change. Modern business is much like Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” but on steroids; companies grow by finding new avenues to market their services, others discover new uncharted resources, but for some who don’t find these new horizons wither and die. That’s why all of our data is checked prior to delivery, making sure you have the latest published data.

100% GDPR compliant marketing data, that’s perfect for ALL marketing campaign types, including direct postal mail, telephone and email; or a combination of all three.

B2B Pulse

The key to any GDPR complaint marketing campaign is data accuracy & focus. Matching an existing client base, or desired client base through key demographic metrics, such as industry sector(s), locality, age groups both business and operating officers and vitally their financial position. Pulse offers all these metrics and more.

The database (which is updated monthly) is quickly approaching 4,000,000 UK companies, in over 1,200 industry sectors, and contains over 2.2 million sets of accounts that can be filtered and sorted to match the metric of your choice, be it overall value, growth, cash, debtors or creditor values.

Quick Links

Use the Pulse data and filter to your exact target match, then simply click on the research link on each line and discover the digital presence of that company. Collect additional information concerning the operation from their website, telephone numbers, and even email addresses that the business wishes to be contact through.

Government Verified Addresses

Companies House hold the records for over 4 million businesses in the UK, and we get a copy each and every month. It’s a bible of business information, this data is filtered by our in-house refiners and is available to every customer free of charge. Who else offers this as a marketing service.