Info & communication Companies Business SIC codes

Information & communication 2007 SIC codes


It’s important to identify your target audience when you’re marketing your businesses service or products. We’ve put together the complete list of Information and communication industry SIC codes. When you request your data we’re happy to accept these codes or descriptions of the industry sector.

Information & communication 2007 SIC Codes

58110 Book publishing
58120 Publishing of directories and mailing lists
58130 Publishing of newspapers
58141 Publishing of learned journals
58142 Publishing of consumer and business journals and periodicals
58190 Other publishing activities
58210 Publishing of computer games
58290 Other software publishing
59111 Motion picture production activities
59112 Video production activities
59113 Television programme production activities
59120 Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities
59131 Motion picture distribution activities
59132 Video distribution activities
59133 Television programme distribution activities
59140 Motion picture projection activities
59200 Sound recording and music publishing activities
60100 Radio broadcasting
60200 Television programming and broadcasting activities
61100 Wired telecommunications activities
61200 Wireless telecommunications activities
61300 Satellite telecommunications activities
61900 Other telecommunications activities
62011 Ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development
62012 Business and domestic software development
62020 Information technology consultancy activities
62030 Computer facilities management activities
62090 Other information technology service activities
63110 Data processing, hosting and related activities
63120 Web portals
63910 News agency activities
63990 Other information service activities n.e.c.


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