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Our goal is to provide you with the best mailing addresses possible, but sometimes the question is who or what type of business to contact. B2B Marketing & Design not only are suppliers of email mailing lists, but also confirmed company names and UK addresses, what’s more is that the mailing addresses are FREE. Each business sector below contains not only email mailing lists at affordable prices, but also 2,572,804 confirmed UK businesses, so remember to also request your free directory with every email mailing list purchase you make.

Builders & Associated Trades
email & postal addresses

Email and mailing addresses of companies involved in the construction of commercial and domestic buildings, business address directory of specialists in the building of roads, motorways and railways. Also includes free posting mailing locations. Discover more

Factories and Manufacturers
email & postal addresses

EMail and posting addresses of companies active in the production and processing of foods, milk oils and fats, also the manufacture of clothing, this is a complete UK marketing address directory of all British based producers. Includes free 157,883 posting mailing address.Discover more

Retailers & Wholesale Traders
email & postal addresses
E mail and postage addresses of organizations working in the retail sector, from high street shops, independent wholesalers, to supermarket chains business address index of industry professionals including market traders Includes free postal location mailing addresses. Discover More
Restaurants & Hotels
email & postal addresses
Email and postage addresses of organizations involved in the hotelier trade, from bed and breakfasts to motels and hotels, this marketing directory has all licensed and unlicensed UK restaurants, and registered Cafes. Also includes free of charge posting mailing locations. Discover More
Support Service Industry
email & postal addresses

E-mail and mailing addresses of firms involved with the employment agency sectors, head offices of companies, hire of equipment and tools, cleaners and business addresses of the rental of motor vehicles. Includes free contact list of postal location mailing addresses. Discover more

Energy Supply Businesses
email & postal addresses

E-Mail and mailing address of organizations involved with the creation of electric power, the supply of commercial and domestic use gasses, business street address listing of authorities in this energy supply fields. This section also offers includes free of charge 4,371 postal mailing addresses. Discover more

Schools, Colleges & Training
email & postal addresses
Electronic mail and postage addresses of firms involved with the education and training sectors within the UK. Also to be found in this directory would be driving schools, and adult educational training centres. Includes no cost 58,787 postal mailing address locations. Discover More
UK Health & Medical Centres
email & postal addresses
E Mail and posting details of organizations involved with the Medical nursing homes, specialist medical practices, dental surgeries, Residential care for learning difficulties, mental health & substance abuse clinics and centres. Includes gratis 145,329 postal street mailing addresses. Discover More
Solicitors and Professional Consultants
email & postal addresses

Email and postal address of businesses involved in the professional business sectors such as management consultants, solicitors and legal professionals. Complete business address directory within the UK. Includes gratis 250,000 postal mailing locations. Discover more

Accountants and insurance services
email & postal addresses

E-mail and postage address of corporations involved with the financial sectors including accountants, business accounting, banks and financial holding companies. Insurance companies also included in this full directory. Also includes totally free 96,427 posting address. Discover more

Estate agents & property specialists
email & postal addresses
E-mail and postage addresses of businesses active in the estate agents, property investors and small home based property developer companies. Real estate management company addresses includes within this marketing database. Also includes free mailing address. Discover More
Information, Communication
email & postal addresses
Electronic mail and posting addresses of businesses involved in the publication of books, movies and more. This expansive address directory includes full address locations with postal code and email contacts. Also includes totally free mailing locations. Discover More
Farming Forestry & Fishing Activities
email & postal addresses

Electronic mail and mailing address of firms involved with the farming and fisheries sectors including cattle farmers, crop growers, and organization address listing of industry experts loggers, fishery farming. Also available this directory includes a free 22,588 mailing addresses. Discover more

Freight Forwarders & Storage Solutions
email & postal addresses

E-mail and mailing address of organisations involved with the transportation of goods, couriers, and storage facilities. This marketing directory contains all UK business within the transport and storage industry. Includes free of charge 104,623 mailing locations. Discover more

Theme parks, Theatres, museums
email & postal addresses
Electronic mail and posting details of firms involved in the sports activities, artistically trades, and gaming and gambling companies. A complete marketing database, of all UK registered theme parks & museums. Also includes free 74,744 posting locations. Discover More
Quarry’s mines & exploration
email & postal addresses
E mail and postal addresses of companies involved in the mining and quarries, from slate and stone quarries, to coal, tin and iron mines. A postal directory of all registered businesses within the UK. Also includes gratis 5,856 postal addresses. Discover More

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2,572,804 actively trading businesses monitored & backed-up daily in 34 separate directories within the B2B pulse database.

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2,572,804 actively trading businesses monitored & backed-up daily in 34 separate directories within the B2B pulse database.

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Discover B2B Pulse
Discover B2B Pulse

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Email & Postal Address Marketing Databases of UK Businesses

Includes free address downloads of 2,572,804 UK Business mailing contacts.

If you are a marketer or have taken control of your businesses marketing activities, then you know that the number one thing required for a successful marketing campaign is traffic. Without traffic you can expect to not be able to make those all important sales. So, the big question becomes how do you get visitors to come to your business premises or website?

Many businesses rely on a contact lists to their prospective customers, either retail sales or business to business contacts, but without a starting point, this can not only be fruitless but also very disheartening. The ability to advertise your product or service to a growing audience can and usually is the make or break that any marketer need. That’s why we have put together two million four hundred thousand unique business address contacts together with over one million four hundred thousand email address contacts, encompassing every business sector within the United Kingdom. Below we have categorised each business sector from manufacturing to mining, and within each of the sectors you will be able to find your required specific niche, and a free available download to start your marketing campaign off with. All categories include a full UK postal address for your direct mailing campaigns and we also have available direct email contact addresses for your online campaign. Many of our competitors limit the use of these contacts and charge different rates for the amount of times you are licensed to use, but here a B2B Email Lists we not only have the lowest priced email and address lists offered in the UK, but we also supply them with limitless uses.;