Ordering Add to Basket Lists

Ordering an “add to basket” business contact directory

We’ve put together over a hundred B2B contact address directories together of the most commonly requested business categories; with these, we’ve also included a special priced “add to cart/basket” deal that’s both fast to order and incredibly low priced.

Just add to basket…

When you’re happy with the directory of choice for your next marketing campaign, click add to basket, and complete the checkout; once we have your order we’ll start to verify the information held, so that we supply only the latest published contact details for the businesses listed.

We deliver first…

Once you have completed the GoCardless payment page the wheels will be set into motion. We will start to verify the data in two ways. The file will first be added to a meta scraping tool, this will pull the very latest from each of the contained businesses websites meta descriptions and meta titles, any that do not have a correlation to the desired industry will be removed. Then once we have confirmed the meta data is still relevant, we will verify the email addresses to ensure they are still open to receive mail or had been verified in the past 30 day.
The process is designed to be as quick as possible, but as you can imagine this does take a little time, more so if we have large files processing. Our aim is to deliver the data to you within 3-4 days. Should you require this to be sooner, it would probably not be possible.

We will deliver the data in csv or excel format where you will have the ability to filter and sort the data that best suits your needs. It should be remembered that this data is not intended for bulk delivery until the user is fully satisfied that the business content contained would have a legitimate interest in the product or service you are promoting. Please read our GDPR notes.

Free Access to Pulse…

100% GDPR compliant marketing data, that’s perfect for ALL marketing campaign types, including direct postal mail, telephone and email; or a combination of all three.

The key to any GDPR complaint marketing campaign is data accuracy & focus. Matching an existing client base, or desired client base through key demographic metrics, such as industry sector(s), locality, age groups both business and operating officers and vitally their financial position. Pulse offers all these metrics and more.

The database (which is updated monthly) is quickly approaching 4,000,000 UK companies, in over 1,200 industry sectors, and contains over 2.2 million sets of accounts that can be filtered and sorted to match the metric of your choice, be it overall value, growth, cash, debtors or creditor values.