Transportation and storage Companies Business SIC codes

Transportation and storage 2007 SIC codes


It’s important to identify your target audience when you’re marketing your businesses service or products. We’ve put together the complete list of Transportation and storage industry SIC codes. When you request your data we’re happy to accept these codes or descriptions of the industry sector.

Transportation and storage 2007 SIC Codes

49100 Passenger rail transport, interurban
49200 Freight rail transport
49311 Urban and suburban passenger railway transportation by underground, metro and similar systems
49319 Other urban, suburban or metropolitan passenger land transport (not underground, metro or similar)
49320 Taxi operation
49390 Other passenger land transport
49410 Freight transport by road
49420 Removal services
49500 Transport via pipeline
50100 Sea and coastal passenger water transport
50200 Sea and coastal freight water transport
50300 Inland passenger water transport
50400 Inland freight water transport
51101 Scheduled passenger air transport
51102 Non-scheduled passenger air transport
51210 Freight air transport
51220 Space transport
52101 Operation of warehousing and storage facilities for water transport activities
52102 Operation of warehousing and storage facilities for air transport activities
52103 Operation of warehousing and storage facilities for land transport activities
52211 Operation of rail freight terminals
52212 Operation of rail passenger facilities at railway stations
52213 Operation of bus and coach passenger facilities at bus and coach stations
52219 Other service activities incidental to land transportation, n.e.c.
52220 Service activities incidental to water transportation
52230 Service activities incidental to air transportation
52241 Cargo handling for water transport activities
52242 Cargo handling for air transport activities
52243 Cargo handling for land transport activities
52290 Other transportation support activities
53100 Postal activities under universal service obligation
53201 Licensed carriers
53202 Unlicensed carriers


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