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As of 2013, there were still 65 percent of customers who were making purchases as a result of direct marketing efforts. Not only is this method effective, it is also much more affordable than other methods of lead generation. In fact, in a study from DMA it showed that the cost per lead for a direct mail piece was lower than email, telemarketing, print advertising and pay-per-click efforts.
There are a number of ways that you can collect your customer’s addresses to use direct mail marketing, with one of the most effective methods being to collect these in-store or when they make a purchase online. You can also purchase postal address lists for the UK, which can help you create mailing lists, but remember, not all of these individuals are going to be qualified leads.

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Agriculture 22,891

20 plus industries, categorised as agriculture, fishing or forestry, from loggers, pig farmer, to fishing trawlers.
Free Agriculture Directory of UK Businesses

Transport 54,395

Over fifty thousand UK B2B marketing addresses spanning the entire Transport and Storage sectors of UK business.
Free Transport & Storage Directory of UK Businesses

Entertainment 62,946

Near on 63,000 recreational business addresses within this ever demanding industry, from the slots to the theatre.
Free Arts & Entertainment Directory of UK Businesses

Health & Social 93,502

Ever growing, ever changing, an industry that is continually moving, we’ve 93,000 addresses to help your move.
Free Health & Social Care Directory of UK Businesses

Hotels & Food 84,645

Over eighty thousand UK B2B marketing addresses spanning the entire food & accommodation sectors of UK business.
Free Food & Accommodation Directory of UK Businesses

Professional 396,270

Our largest category, with almost 400,000 businesses, from solicitors to management consultants and vets.
Free professional Directory of UK Businesses

Education 45,499

Almost a dozen categories within education and training holding over 45,000 addresses all educating.
Free Education & Training Directory of UK Businesses

Construction 235,325

A massive business group of construction specialists, almost a quarter of a million addresses to refine your targets.
Free Construction Directory of UK Businesses

Real Estate 148,236

Are you ready for the property boom, or would you like to let almost 150,000 businesses know your here.
Free Real Estate Directory of UK Businesses

Admin & Support 264,412

30 industries within a category of more than 250,000 addresses all within the Administrative and Support sectors.
Free Admin & Support Directory of UK Businesses

Manufacturing 125,220

This sector needs high levels of refinement for a successful approach, and with 150+ categories we have to covered.
Free Manufacturing Directory of UK Businesses

Finance & Insurance 69,102

Almost 70,000 company postal addresses refined by almost 30 categories, allowing for greater target focus.
Free Finance & Insurers Directory of UK Businesses

Retail Wholesale 238,584

Are you ready for the property boom, or would you like to let almost 150,000 businesses know your here.
Free Retail & Wholesale Directory of UK Businesses

Mines & Quarries 7,115

7000 may not seem a lot, but this sector is as old as the hills, and is big business for so many supply chains.
Free Mining & Quarries Directory of UK Businesses

Info & Comms 242,256

A huge 240,000 addresses have been refined for your move on this highly competitive and stimulating sector.
Free Info & Comms Directory of UK Businesses

Gas & Electric 7,507

Seven and a half thousand energy and air conditioning business contact addresses within this energetic sector.
Free Gas & Electric Directory of UK Businesses

Water & Waste 9,150

9,000 water and waste companies, 9 industries from scrap metal recoveries, to water treatment and supply.
Free Water & Waste Directory of UK Businesses

Other Activities 148,641

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, perhaps it’s in this category, quite specific business services here.
Free Other Activities Directory of UK Businesses