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UK B2B Mailing Addresses Listing Health Companies, this business category includes sectors such as the growing of cops, raising of cattle, fishing industries, and forestry activities. Marketing business to business (b2b), postal address contacts, fully verified each month.

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Category SectorsAddresses

Grow cereals & other crops 3
Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds 4,037
Growing of rice 13
Grow fruit, nuts, beverage & spice crops 2
Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers 910
Growing of sugar cane 3
Growing of tobacco 2
Growing of fibre crops 27
Growing of other non-perennial crops 174
Growing of grapes 59
Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits 6
Growing of citrus fruits 4
Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits 121
Growing of other tree and bush fruits and nuts 174
Growing of beverage crops 15
Growing of spices, aromatic, drug and pharmaceutical crops 19
Growing of other perennial crops 251
Plant propagation 328
Agricultural service activities 5
Raising of dairy cattle 1,338
Raising of other cattle and buffaloes 566
Raising of horses and other equines 815
Raising of camels and camelids 40
Raising of sheep and  goats 510
Raising of swine/pigs 317
Raising of poultry 825
Raising of other animals 418
Mixed farming 3,639
Support activities for crop production 1,582
Farm animal boarding and care 388
Support activities for animal production (non-boarding) n.e.c. 1,417
Post-harvest crop activities 254
Seed processing for propagation 56
Hunting, trapping and related service activities 472
Silviculture and other forestry activities 1,157
Logging 435
Gathering of wild growing non-wood products 25
Support services to forestry 1,225
Marine fishing 1,596
Freshwater fishing 474
Marine aquaculture 305
Freshwater aquaculture 198
Veterinary activities 3,226

UK B2B Mailing Addresses Listing Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Companies

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