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UK B2B Mailing Addresses Listing Information and communication services, this business category includes sectors such as publishing, marketing, TV production, radio media and much more. Marketing business to business (b2b), postal address contacts, fully verified each month.

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Category Sectors Directory of Addresses

Book publishing 4,891
Publishing of directories and mailing lists 269
Publishing of newspapers 825
Publishing of learned journals 422
Publishing of  consumer and business journals and periodicals 2,435
Other publishing activities 7,783
Publishing of computer games 538
Other software publishing 2,947
Motion picture production activities 10,037
Video production activities 6,288
Television programme production activities 7,580
Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities 1,955
Motion picture distribution activities 594
Video distribution activities 332
Television programme distribution activities 298
Motion picture projection activities 324
Sound recording and music publishing activities 7,714
Radio broadcasting 1,253
Television programming and broadcasting activities 1,872
Wired telecommunications activities 2,244
Wireless telecommunications activities 2,187
Satellite telecommunications activities 560
Other telecommunications activities 8,934
Ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development 3,928
Business and domestic software development 29,072
Information technology consultancy activities 85,644
Computer facilities management activities 3,068
Other information technology service activities 45,754
Data processing, hosting and related activities 3,475
Web portals 3,300
News agency activities 544
Other information service activities n.e.c. 13,287
Public relations and communications activities 4,928
Advertising agencies 11,855
Media representation services 4,901
Market research and public opinion polling 3,055
specialised design activities 13,776
Portrait photographic activities 1,709
Other specialist photography 1,542
Film processing 108
Photographic activities not elsewhere classified 2,129
Translation and interpretation activities 1,525
Other business activities 218
Environmental consulting activities 4,134

UK B2B Mailing Addresses Listing Information Communications Companies

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